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Short Facts


1967 - Born in Zagreb/Croatia
1972 – Beginning of cello and music theory studies

At age of ten 1st price at youth competition, debut as a soloist with orchestra, radio and TV recordings

1985 - Master at Music Academy of Zagreb, Prof. V.Dešpalj
1986-1988 studies at Tschaikovsky Conservatory Moscow with Prof. Natalja Shahovskaja
1989 LP recording for Jugoton with sonatas of D.Shostakovich & A. Schnittke
1989-1993 Bachelor and master at Musikhochschule Detmold, Prof. Karine Georgian
1995 Winner of "Concours international de jeunes concertistes de Douai in France"


Concerts as a classical soloist with Zubin Mehta and Kazushi Ono, chamber music with members of Alban Berg, Brodsky and Melos Quartett among others.

1999-2000 solo cellist of LSO Maastricht/Netherland
Since 2000 living in Vienna/Austria
2001-2004 Wienner Kammer Orchester
2004-2014 radio.string.quartet.Vienna
Since 2009 Duo Paier Valcic
2011-2016 Iiro Rantala String Trio
Since 2015 Dickbauer Collective
Since 2016 Jan Lundgren, Mattias Svensson & Stringquartet
Since 2016 Trio Joachim Kühn, Asja Valcic, Prabhu Edouard
Since 2017 Rolf Kühn Trio
Since 2017 Paier Valcic Quartet
Since 2019 Skatchbook Orchestra
Since 2019 Fulsome X with Wolfgang Puschnig, Jon Jass, Reinhard Winkler
Since 2020 Trio Paier Valcic Preinfalk
Since 2020 Duo Valcic Preuschl

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